Lucy Schemel

29 Broad Street
Charleston SC 29401

Office: 843-790-7995
Cell: 843-743-9934

Originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Lucy Schemel attended the College of Charleston
where she spent her time developing a knowledge and a passion for her local community. With
an educational background in business and politics, Lucy conducts work with honesty and
integrity. Having a land trust tied to her family property, Lucy has always understood the
importance of preservation, maintenance, and responsible ownership and aims to share those
values with her clients.
With professional experience in the luxury marketing and brand strategy industries, Lucy is
passionate about finding and highlighting the unique qualities of each project and presenting
them in a creative way. Her attention to detail helps her to see the most important aspects of
each project, allowing her to focus on what makes each project stand out and prosper.
Lucy knows that a professional relationship goes further than a contract, allowing her to better
connect with clients to help them realize their goals.
As a resident of Charleston’s downtown district, Lucy has a personal passion for historical,
community, and land preservation. When she is not studying real estate trends and properties,
Lucy spends her time outdoors playing golf and tennis, as well as learning more about the city
that she calls home.

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